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HELD Isobaric Double Belt Press
HELD Isobaric Double Belt Press  
The parameters  
Model:Mode 1: Heather 2 ; Size of reaction zone:Mode 1:reaction zone 1.4m×2.1m
Max temperature:400℃ Max pressure:Mode 1: 40 bar
Main technical characteristics:  

In 1984 HELD realized the worldwide first high-performance DBP to achieve 80 bar / 1.160 psi cushion pressure

In 1988 HELD realized the worldwide first high-temperature DBP to achieve 400 °C / 750 °F heating temperature

In 2001 HELD realized the worldwide first high-speed DBP to achieve 48 m/min  / 157 ft/min production speed


Advantages of HELD Isobaric DBP machine

- High temperature, high pressure and high speed for the production of common and sophisticated  composite material

- Separate temperature control for each single zone in top and bottom allows specific temperature profiles according to material needs

- One pressure zone enables heating and cooling under maintained pressure

- Continuous production for high output in short  time period

- Heating elements for efficient heat transfer and energy efficient production

- Oil pressure cushion for safe, energy efficient, uniform distributed pressure by laws of physics

- Outstanding efficiency allows for compact

machine design thus minimizing installation, operation, maintenance and energy cost

- Uniform pressure provides stress-free products


Heating & Cooling under Maintained Pressure



Innovation in Teamwork

- Three production size isobaric, high-performance Double Belt Presses are available to the customer.

- New materials can be developed, processes can be optimized or products can be produced economically.


Heather 5 – Line Layout


Scope of Application


l          Electronics: Copper clad laminate


l          Food processing: PTFE coated conveyor belts


l          Automotive: Fiber reinforced plastic


l          Building: Flooring from granules


l          Aerospace: Advanced composite material


l          Furniture: Endless decorative laminate (CPL & CHPL)

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