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Mageba 3D Shuttle Loom
Mageba 3D Shuttle Loom  
The parameters  
Model:SL XT 540-1 Weaving width:Up to 1100 mm
Machine speed:20 – 60 picks/minute Weaving material:Carbon (special execution), glass, aramide, polyester and polyamide.
Main technical characteristics:  

Shuttle loom product line with weaving widths up to 1100 mm. Wider widths have been available for over 20 years and now Mageba has integrated a new rapier technology into this system. This combination of cutting edge technology along with the verification of machine functionality over two decades makes the new Mageba rapier shuttle loom unmatchable. Additionally an individual number of manual shuttles can be inserted. The point of the manual shuttle insertion is automated. Fabrics can be made out of carbon (special execution), glass, aramide, polyester and polyamide.


Weaving station number

Single station

Weft insertion

Multiple weft insert by means of up to 8 shuttles and an individual number of manually to be inserted shuttles

Gap width

Up to to 1100 mm

Shed motion

Jacquard or Dobby with up to 24 shafts

Pick density

1 – 200 picks/cm (variable adjustable)

Machine speed

20 – 60 picks/minute depending on fabric type, weave pattern, tape width, weft and warp material and tape holding system

Control system

PLC control system with touch screen

Online service

Integrated modem to ensure an online service

Weaving pattern

Weaving pattern management and storage



Medical and technical applications

Multi-dimensional fabrics

Multi-layer fabrics

Flat fabrics with both edges woven

Seamless tubular fabrics



Positive warp let-off system

Beam rack

Design software

Carbon fiber execution

V-reed to vary the tube diameter or the fabric width

Winding system

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