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CD9310 Roll Coater Resin Filming Machine
CD9310 Roll Coater Resin Filming Machine  
The parameters  
Model:CD9310 - 1350mm Maximum Film width:1350 mm
Maximum mechanical process speed:50 lm/min Mixed viscosity range:1,000 to 100,000 CPS
Main technical characteristics:  

Filming Capability


Matrix type

Thermoset Epoxy

Mixed viscosity range

1,000 to 100,000 CPS

Maximum paper input width

1370 mm

Maximum Film width

1350 mm

Maximum mechanical process speed

50 lm/min

Film thickness adjustment method

Via HMI Touch screen

NIR film thickness gauging


Beta film thickness gauging


General specifications


Max. Processing temperature

178 deg.C

Control system



CDI White


2.43 m


4.42 m


5.2 m

Total Weight

3,613 kg

Machine Features

Full touch screen controls for operating and monitoring

Real-time resin weight scanning with automated feedback control

Gap control by precision dial gauges ( automated control available)

Rewind torque taper system to adjust tension for uniform density of product wind-up

Large diameter chill roll with optional chiller unit

Highly reliable and easy to operate

CD9310 Roll Coater Resin Filming MachineAtlas:

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