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CD9312 Roll Coater Resin Filming Machine
CD9312 Roll Coater Resin Filming Machine  
The parameters  
Model:CD9312-350mm Maximum Film width:350 mm
Maximum mechanical process speed:45 lm/min Mixed viscosity range:1,000 to 100,000 CPS
Main technical characteristics:  

Filming Capability


Matrix type

Thermoset Epoxy

Mixed viscosity range

1,000 to 100,000 CPS

Paper substrate required

2 sided silicone differentially coated

Poly let off to allow use of single sided paper


Maximum paper input width

400 mm

Maximum Film width

350 mm

Maximum mechanical process speed

45 lm/min

Film thickness adjustment method

Digital test indicator, manual

NIR film thickness gauging


Beta film thickness gauging


General specifications


Max. Processing temperature

178 deg.C

Control system



CDI White


1.4 m


3.4 m


1.8 m

Total Weight


Machine Features

Precision rolls capable of producing Aerospace quality film(1.5TIR)

Gap control with precision gauges(2.5 micrometer control)

Full automation touch screen control and data collection

Compact design for easy install, operation and cleaning

IR or Beta gauge for real-time resin thickness scanning optional

Supports both solid resin patties and pre-melted resins

CD9312 Roll Coater Resin Filming MachineAtlas:

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