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CD6012 Series Prepreg machine
CD6012 Series Prepreg machine  
The parameters  
Model:CD6012 - 300mm Maximum Prepreg width:350mm
Maximum mechanical process speed:15 lm/min Typical capacity:500 ~ 750 thousand sqm per year
Main technical characteristics:  

Prepreg capability


Fiber Types

Carbon, Glass, Aramid, Polyester, Natural fiber

Fiber format

Unidirectional,Woven, Stitched

Maximum CF UD

650 gsm FAW

Minimum CF UD

75 gsm

Maximum Glass UD

1000 gsm FAW

Maximum CF Woven

800 gsm FAW

Maximum Glass Woven

1250 gsm FAW

Maximum Prepreg width


Maximum mechanical process speed

15 lm/min

S wrap capability


Typical capacity

500 ~ 750 thousand sqm per year

General specifications


Max. Processing temperature

176 deg.C

Control system



CDI White


2.3 m


7.1 m


1.8 m

Total Weight


Machine Features

Capable of producing full market range of Prepreg s form light weight sporting goods to precision aerospace to heavy weight industrial markets

Fully Automated System available for ease of setup and operation

Compact design for ease of installation requiring no facility modifications

Proprietary Bed Plate Construction

High Precision Compaction Roll Sets

Full data collection and monitoring of all key processing parameters.

Automated machine setup for recipes to insure quick setup and repeatability

Highly reliable and easy to operate

Modular platform allowing for full range of customization to match amchine configuration to processing requirements.

CD6012 Series Prepreg machineAtlas:

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