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New Automatic Precision Cross Winder
New Automatic Precision Cross Winder  
The parameters  
Model:SAHM TWINSTAR II 360XE / 380XE HPF Titer:150 to 20000 dtex
Maximum winding speed:800m/min / 1500m/min Maximum package:320mm
Main technical characteristics:  




Market segments:

High performance fibers, multifilaments, coated or twisted yarns

Main Advantages:

l         Highest performance with minimum space requirements

l         Zero production waste – no downtime during bobbin change-over

l         Metered yarn length

l         Highest operating safety – yarn is caught and cut at bobbin change

l         Designed for economical use of standard cores

l         Minimum maintenance expenditures

Technical specifications



Frequency controlled

Frequency controlled


1,2 or 3-tier

1,2 or 3-tier


150 to 20000 dtex *)

150 to 20000 dtex *)

Maximum winding speed:

800 m/min

1500 m/min

Winding ratio:



Traverse length:

190, 200, 250, 260 or 300 mm *)

Maximum package diameter:

320 mm

320 mm

Tube inside diameter:   

82.55 or 94 mm *)

82.55 or 94 mm *)

Tube length:  

216, 230, 290 or 330 mm *)

Features / Options:

l       Electronically controlled and infinitely variable winding ratio

l       Convenient bobbing handling via optimum parking position of the full bobbin

l       Quick and efficient product changes by electronic data input of all winding parameters

l     Automatic bobbin change-over on reaching one of the following criteria: yarn length, winding time, package diameter or external signal

l     Central Process Control Unit for input, display and storage of process and machine parameters

l     Pneumatic mandrel with / without   bobbin push-off device

l     Speed synchronization with the preceding process

l     Adjustable and defined yarn tail

l     Automatic yarn suction device with/ without yarn cutter

l    On-line yarn diameter monitoring

l    Alarm management (yarn break, package diameter)

l         Suitable for adaptation of an Automatic Bobbin Handling System

Combination of all maximum values is not possible                            *) others on request

New Automatic Precision Cross WinderAtlas:

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