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Angle Cutting Prepreg Shear & Sheeter
Angle Cutting Prepreg Shear & Sheeter  
The parameters  
Model:M-5100A Repeatable Accuracy:600mm and 1200mm
Widths :600mm and 1200mm Cuts Angle:60° from the perpendicular axis
Main technical characteristics:  

Cuts sheets of Prepreg to accurate length and angle

Simplified control system

Air jets in cutting blade assembly to keep tacky materials from adhering to the blade

Cuts ±60° from the perpendicular axis

Repeatable accuracy: ±0.8mm/m

Cutting action by air-loaded guillotine

Blade designed for extended life

Engineered for easy blade maintenance

Maximum speed 36m/min

Servo Controller with Touch Screen

Available in widths of 600mm and 1200mm

Angle Cutting Prepreg Shear & SheeterAtlas:
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