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Winding machine
Winding machine  
The parameters  
Model:SAHM 810XE Titer:3 K-18 K(others on request)
Winding speed:50-150 m/min 70-400 m/min Maximum package:600mm
Main technical characteristics:  

Market segments:

PAN Precursor Fibers

Main Advantages:

l         Excellent package quality

l         Compact and modular design

l         Alarm management (yarn break, yarn length, package diameter)

l         Electronic input of all winding parameters

l         Electric push-off device

Technical specifications



Frequency controlled


1 or 2 decks


3 K-18K (others on request)

Tube inside diameter:

144 mm(others on request)

Maximum tube length:


Traverse length:

500 mm

Maximum package diameter:


Winding speed:

50-150 m/min

70-400 m/min

Max. package weight:


Features / Options:

l         Electronically controlled variable winding ratio

l         Central Process Control Unit (HMI-Touch Screen) for input, display and storage of process and machine parameters for all winders (i.e. winding ratio, speed, yarn tension, etc.)

l         Possible speed synchronization with the preceding process

l         Pneumatic mandrel

l         Doffing timer function

l         Suction device for doffing procedure

Winding machineAtlas:

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