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Project Name:

Plan for Prepreg Materials Testing & Promotion

Project No.:


Potential Partner:

Prepreg materials suppliers who have no prepreg facilities, such as resin, release paper, etc.

Project Summary:


China’s high performance prepreg has been developing rapidly. Meanwhile, the demand for high performance and high quality prepreg materials is growing continuously. The development of thermoset prepreg technology mainly depends on the development of resins which include innovative technology such as normal temperature storing, low temperature curing, high temperature using and fact curing and so on, in turn, these products have play a decisive role in expanding the application and improving the formation efficiency of prepreg materials. At present, international resin suppliers, such as HEXCEL,TORAY, CYTEC, DEN CATE, and GURIT, have acted as the main driving force to advance the development of thermoset prepreg. The suppliers mainly focus on selling prepreg, which makes it difficult for other prepreg producers to get access to their resins. Most of our domestic prepreg manufacturers have no resin formula ability. From the market, we usually can only get some conventional resins. Consequently, our domestic manufacturers’ ability to research on new prepreg products has been confined,  the chance of entering into win new markets has been lost, and the expansion of application markets has failed. So, there is still a large space for both international and domestic resin suppliers to participate in researching new resins for prepreg materials. Thermoset Prepreg Platform of ACIH in ATA possesses advanced engineering equipments (easy to expand industrial scale), rich prepreg process experience, advanced prepreg evaluation system, extensive and in-depth prepreg market resources and open & sharing management concepts. Close cooperation with resin suppliers contributes to achieve a win-win situation not only in resin testing but also in market promoting. Compared with normal resin suppliers, we are more professional because of our technology and experience; compared with prepreg suppliers who monopolize resign products, we are able to sell resin products to more customers.

Investment from Partner


1.       New and modified resin products;

2.       Paying the expense for trial resin & prepreg (carbon fiber, release paper, equipments, etc.);

3.       Paying the technology cost for experts research in Red Composites;

4.       Paying the report expense during the trial;

5.       Paying the cost occurred in mechanical performance testing. 

Return on Investment:


1.       Produce qualified prepreg samples by using partners’ resins;

2.       Obtain the experience of resin prepreg and potential applications;

3.       Detailed report, the report describes detailed information as: experience of resin storage, trial production plan, trial production, all the details in the process of quality inspection;

4.       Mechanical performance testing report;

5.       Resin adaptability problems occurring during applying prepreg technology;

6.       If you are willing to cooperate with the sales apartment of ATA, ATA can sell and promote resins as a dealer via its technology and market platforms. 

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