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Plan for Growth Carbon Fiber into Suitable Prepreg



Potential Client:

Carbon Fiber Manufactuer Who Have No Prepreg Facility



The Chinese carbon fiber in growth period faces many problems such as unstable quality, dull sale and more difficult to pre-impregnation, etc. As a consequence, dull sales and application impede they improve the quality of the fiber.     In this project, with the laboratorial prepreg machine of ATA and experience from British experts, we turn the metastable carbon fiber into applicable prepreg and make it's structure tested by the foreign independent testing , then establish a prepreg database for both domestic and foreign users, providing design basis data, assisting enterprises to outreach market.

Customers' input:

1. No matter what grade, the requirements is the continuous length of fiber of each roll must be more than 1100 meters. Because for study specific carbon fiber prepreg process requires a certain length.

2.The cost of pre-impregnation the 1100 m carbon fiber, charged by ATA ;

3.The cost of R&D for technology of qualified prepreg production charged by RED company;

4. The cost for a detailed report;

5. The cost for mechanical properties test: the test is carried out by independent qualified company, or the lab of famous international composite companies  who have latent demand of carbon fiber.

Return on the customers' investment:

1. One roll of qualified unidirectional prepreg  with 300 mm of  width and 100 meters of length;

2. Experiences of pre-impregnation your carbon fiber and its possible applications ;

3. An detailed report. All the details during the process will be included: from the spindles warehousing inspection, trial production plan, trial production, quality inspection, etc.

4.Mechanical properties testing report. If the performance is good, may enter the  potential supplier list of famous international composite companies .

5. Build a solid foundation for the future prepreg project;

6. Find out the defects of customers' carbon fiber process from the fibers' adaptability,  and improve your carbon fiber production line.


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