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1.        Feasibility Report

Assist in the research and development of business/finance – production objectives, customers, raw materials supplying, cost estimation, business plan etc. Develop a concept related to production line and facilities – buildings, entire production line layout, integration of services, energy consumption, environmental impact etc. Inspect potential sites – availability and stability facilities supplying (power, gas, water etc), terrain suitability, transportation and access links, space for future expansion etc. Estimate staff team experience – local experienced workers or hunting from experienced headmen from external factory, training people etc. Subsidiary facilities inspection – laboratory facility, maintenance facility, administration, supervisory structure, quality control system etc.


2.  Specification Development

Equipment Specifications – submit a detailed specification document of each device for quotation request, create a functional design specification for the control platform, conduct a research on hazards and operability, set requirements for high level cabling and pipes connection etc. Building Specification – develop an overall request for factory building and submit it to an Architect (the Architect will design a detailed building specification in accordance with regional code/regulations) Requirements for Quotation – create lists of all suppliers, issue quotation requirements, select qualified suppliers.


3.  Machinery Integration Design

Based on the above mentioned specification, in addition to professional machinery which is available in the market (such as oxidation oven, furnace, abatement system, creel and winder), we design other equipments and choose the fitted machinery to process and manufacture equipments according to design requests. These equipments have to match the process and purchased machinery, which results in an organic whole.


4.  Machine Supplier Selection

On receiving of quotationscheck the content and select a report. Participate in creating contracts inspection and control system, issue acceptance notices, which will include equipment suppliers, architectural services, mechanical and electrical engineering, project management. A principle contractor will be selected to shoulder the responsibility of main equipment installation.


5.  Building Integration Design

When sub-suppliers submit their engineering design, start supervise, which can be realized by choosing an appropriate supplier on bidding. Architects will design above mentioned premises, which also need to select a fitted design company. All the activities should be fully supervised, and all drawings should be checked and approved.


6.       Project Installation

During the installation of the contract (building and equipment), regular inspections should be conducted to ensure the project comply with the design, if alterations are required, rapid implementation is needed. Project managers will be supervised. Whenever there is any problem, advice will be offered. The project schedule must be scrutinized.


7.  Process Creating

Develop full process specification and product specification documents for each proposed product.

8.  Operating Instruction Creating

Create job description documents and team structure, including positions and levels of responsibility; Create work instruction documents for each individual process on the production line; Create emergency action documents and risk assessments; Create a training plan for all operating posts.


9.  Equipment Commissioning

Create equipment commissioning plan and issue advice referred to commissioning activities.


10. Commissioning with Fiber

Create fiber commissioning plan; provide with necessary advice when introducing fiber to the line; give advice and assistance to various grades of fiber at different process conditions, and offer advice and assistance to optimize the whole process line.


11. Project Hand Over

Hand over all documents, drawings, manuals, training records etc to the customer. Provide 4 months remote support after official hand over date.

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