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“CF Expert Services” has extensive experience in carbonization and processes PAN fibers from 12k to 60k. The output of the production lines is ranging from 40TPY to 1500TPY.


The primary principle of “CF Expert Services” is: using the best available technology, designing and installing the safest system in the shortest time and making sure of the solution economical. The carbon fiber industry must comply with the above mentioned principles; any violation may get into the following results: the production line is very dangerous; the carbon fiber produced is of low quality; the cost of the production is very high; the customers seek for an alternative CF manufacturers.


The experience offered by “CF Expert Services” shows: companies who opt for a cheap equipment always pay the full price in the future. If producing high quality carbon fiber is the objective, the carbon fiber production line must employ the most advanced equipments and systems. The Compromise on equipment selection leads to a compromise in fiber quality.


Pay attention to two points: the quality of PAN precursor is absolutely critical, and be cautious of advice provided by someone who has not gained any practical experience through producing carbon fiber recently. It is very vital to select a high quality PAN precursor supplier and secure a stable supply contract .Poor quality PAN will lead to poor quality carbon fiber no matter how advanced technology the production line has. Taking advice from a consultant who has not gained hands on experience in the last 3 years usually results in wasting considerable time and cash, because they give advice which has been out of date, and they fail to know the latest technology development as well.


“CF Expert Services” provides customized services based on clients’ actual needs and finally targets the customers’ requirements of the quality and fiber level. The specification of a carbonization line should take many factors into consideration such as experience and quality of potential operation teams, local energy supply capacity, sensitivity to the safety of process parameter data and so on. Documents we submit includes: Equipment Specification (each subsystem), Functional Design Specifications (apply to create the control platform code), Operational Instruction Manual, Process parameters (temperature, pressure, flow rate, volumes, including ranges and acceptance criteria), Product Specifications (details of modulus, tensile strength, mass per unit length, ILSS, sizing recipe, moisture content, package dimensions and weight, etc, including ranges and acceptance criteria),Equipment Test Record Documentation, Fiber Test Record Forms and Procedures, Hazards and Operability Studies (HAZOPS), Maintenance Procedures, Health and Safety Documentation, Commissioning Plan, Material Safety Data Sheets and any special documentation required by customers.


We are providing experience and knowledge related to the system (including how to specify, how to integrate, how to set up and how to operate with fiber) as follows:


Plant design and layout

PAN precursor creel and rack system, apply to bobbin and barreled precursor.

Tow Collection System for boxed fiber

Pre oxidation drying or sizing system

Material Handling System (driving system)

Oxidation Oven

Oxidation Abatement System

Low Temperature Carbonization Furnace

High Temperature Carbonization Furnace

Carbonization Furnace Abatement System

Water Cooling System

Nitrogen Distribution System

Surface Treatment System

Sizing System

Contact and Non-Contact Drying System

Winder System

Integrated PLC Control Platform

Process Intelligent Database


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